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how to repair a leather office chair?

I have this really greata office chair that my neighbor was just oging to through out... it has some tears in it ...and i am unsure of how to go about fixing it. the material isn't close enough to stitch... my mom suggested getting a peice of fabric to cover it and stitch that to the chair...i honestly dont care about the looks just that i dont ruin it more... would a regualr needle and thread hold against leather if i just put a peice over it...


There is a repair kit that you can buy that is painted on. You can prob. find it at Walmart. or any hardware store. Or cover the entire thing with fabric. good luck!
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As a professional upholsterer I can tell you there is NO easy and effective way to patch/repair leather. There are a lot of repair kits available that promise miracle cures but they will at best do nothing and at worst damage the leather further. Since you don't care about the appearance of the chair, simply remove the damaged leather and replace it. Leather is expensive so you might consider some type of cloth or vinyl. Cloth is softer and more comfortable and will last longer than vinyl, but is easily stained. Vinyl is cheaper than a good grade of cloth and easier to keep clean, but is hot and sticky in the summer and cold and stiff in the winter. This leads to cracks in the vinyl and tears in the seams. This means vinyl will not last as long as cloth. If you do decide to recover the chair then know that no matter what kind of chair it is you can cover it without sewing!!! If it has sewn corners you can replace the sewn seams with creative folding. Place the new material on the chair and simply fold the corners. If anyone you know can wrap Christmas presents they can do this. Once you have the folds right attach that corner to the chair. This works best with cloth. First attach all 4 sides with staples or tacks leaving corners loose. Then do corners. Be sure to stretch the material tight to avoid any wrinkles. Hope this helped. Good luck.
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