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I found a crumpled piece of burnt alluminum foil?

I found a crumpled piece of burnt alluminum foil in my bathroomIt wasnt just laying around though it was crumpled then wrapped in toilet paper and then put inside the cardboard paper towel tube and then the tube was folded at the endsI live with my boyfriend and he is addicted to opiads but is trying to quit with suboxone so he had just taken one today but then i found thatHe used to have a problem with heroin but had supposedly stoppedWhat could it be? The foil was burnt on just one sideAny ideas?


He's definitely smoking somethingHe didn't want anyone to find it and went through the trouble to hide it and that's a huge red flag.But if he is actually taking the Suboxone he probably wouldn't be able to get high on any opiates for at least a day because it contains an opiate blocker called NaloxoneI would assume he's smoking heroin/pills, but crack and meth could also be smoked with aluminum foil.
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