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I got my brakes fixed but theyre still squeaking?

My brakes were squeaking so I got my friend who is a mechanic to put in a whole new front brake system. This was a few days ago. Now, my brakes are still squeaking pretty loudly. Why is this? Is this something to be worried about??


Hard to say, define whole new brake system. Did you have new rotors put in or have the old ones turned true? It is possible you friend did not get all the air bled out of the brake lines. Tell him what is going on, if he is a mechanic he should be able to find the problem. There is something wrong though, new brakes should not squeak if they were properly installed or redone.
May 28, 2018
you're able to desire to be getting a noises for numerous motives. yet while that's a extreme-pitch scratching noise, then it particularly is probable the wires interior the pads that are designed to allow you be responsive to that they are determining of cloth. surely have it regarded at via a third occasion and function them grant a written fact of what the situation is. undergo in innovations that for the period of case your pads are worn down already, they could have nonetheless replaced them - perhaps you basically brake particularly hard? You suggested you probably did not be conscious any issues till you had hardship combating - that's frequently a too late style of situation while it incorporates brakes. Are you a 2-foot motive force? which would be a extensive situation in case you're.
May 28, 2018
Check the sidewall of each tire. Look for the # with psi next to it. The acronym for air pressure is psi
May 28, 2018

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