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I have a project on precast concrete?

I have a project on precast concrete, I cant seem to find any good sources that talk specifically and in depth about this subjectMost of the sources are pre cast concrete companies that list their benefitsTyping it in a search engine fails because all the sites listed are precast concrete companies, any help is appreciated thank you


Precast concrete are structural concrete components of a certain structure which are being casted on the casting yard and being properly cured prior to delivery to the construction site for installationSamples of structural concrete members that can be precasted are slabs, wall panels, beams, girders, columns, parapet canopy, boundary walls and even isolated footings! These precast members are complete with necessary structural reinforcements based on approved design, plans and specificationsPrecast molds were being designed and prepared on the casting yard based on the sizes, dimensions and designs of a precast elementEven electrical and plumbing conduits and other embedded items were properly prepared as per plan and specifications before pouring/casting of concreteProper quality control is being observed during casting of every precast elementOf course lifting hooks were also made ready and situated on the safe lifting points (as designed) so as not to damage the precast element during lifting and transportingCranes are being used to install or erect these precast elements with precise survey layout while erecting to avoid misalignment of precast structureShoring will then be installed to support the erected precast elements from being disturbed from alignment prior to groutingGrouting is a process of connecting and sealing the installed precast for stability, by using approved structural grouting materialsHope this clarifies your question.

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