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Instead of buying a new rug...?

I was just wondering instead of buying a brand new rug I may just get the one he has now repaired. However like I said in the other question the neck slips down and as he is clipped it's not good...this is how it looks..


He is such a cutie! - i dont think a lycra hood would stop the rug slipping like that. but it would provide some protection for his neck and stop the other rug rubbing away any fur in the places it doesnt fit properly. - if you are going to get it repaired, you could also get it altered so that it is smaller. or if you can, you could just put more holes in it so that it will fasten tighter if you know what i mean. you can do that with a hot piece of metal like a screwdriver. the eat will also seal the hole so that the edges dont fray. - if you get a new rug you will probably have the same issue with the neck part not fitting right because the body part looks fine. - also, you could just get a lycra hood and fold the current hood part back so it is out of the way
Aug 23, 2017
maybe you can get the same rug, but a new one so it doesnt slip.
Aug 23, 2017

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