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Is brake fluid replacement part of full car service?

I serviced my car and have been told to replace brake fluid for £77 extra.


Brake fluid isnt really routine maintainence, there may be a specific problem which may cause the fluid to need replacement but the braking system is a closed circuit which means that the fluid shouldnt run out. It may get dirty over many years but once again, its not a routine fluid to change. If, for some reason, it needs changing, it should not cost anywhere near £77. You can buy a bottle from Halfrauds for a coupla quid and the labour should take around half an hour for an experienced mechanic so I dont see how they can justify £77.
May 28, 2018
No you really shouldnt ever have to replace the brake fluid. The only way you should have to replace brake fluid would be if you have a leak somewhere and it is low, then it needs to be filled up but other wise if its full and working properly with no air in the system or anything like that then brake fluid is not necessary to replace, or change. its not like oil
May 28, 2018
at the starting up, cool down and end hectic. As you've reported, because it replaced into an Mot storage that informed you your brake pipes were corroded (as they do) yet they could choose finished before the Mot, beleive them. i in my opinion may have extra doubt about them in the journey that they did not say that because all mechanics (myself coated) have a remarkable theory of ways lengthy an element will very last. What your mechanic is largely putting forward is: your pipes have all started corroding, yet at the moment next 365 days he may likely fail the pipes in the time of an Mot as by ability of then they could have corroded even extra and also you would not get yet another 365 days out of them. this gives you a 365 days to get the money together to get them finished. If it replaced into risky he wouldn't have make it easier to leave the storage with it (there is criminal repurcussions in the journey that they knowingly make it easier to force a harmful vehicle). also brake pipes gained't have any result on squealing brakes, that is a issue with vibration on the pads/shoes area. in case you nevertheless have concerns, communicate with the guy who worked on the vehicle.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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