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Is it OK to give my dog a mug full of warm milk?

He never usually has it, but my brother just brought him back and they're both soaking wet (it's a storm they got caught in it) and he's shivering with cold. We've dryed him best we could and wrapped him in blankets by the fire, my brother suggested we give him about a mug full of luke-warm milk in a bowl to warm him up. Is this OK? I mean, cats drink it


you might have carbon dioxide in the house
That is Dangerous. I would keep an eye on it. If the detector is near a furnace vent I would check the detector when the furnace first comes on. Sometimes with a cracked heat exchanger it will build up some CO when heating before the blower fan comes on. That will give a rise on the reading at the start and then it goes back down as the air mixes in the house. If you get more readings on the detector, you definitely need the furnace and water heater checked.
I was looking to spend no more than 50 dollars for a decent rod and reel Then go find the stuff yourself. If you're not willing to invest in a decent outfit, I'm not willing to share either.

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