Is there a bathroom brush?

My bathroom because of a variety of pipelines have been well, if the installation of tiles, then all the re-waste and then get, very troublesome! I would like to ask you there is no one can brush directly on the bathroom wall paint, asked to take a shower when the cold water will not fall in the above, hot water rushed in the above will not have any reaction. Have a friend please know please! Thank you!


Toilet brush waterproof coating precautions 1, pay attention to the next to the water pipe to be careful, you can brush a few times, or even to the end there is no residue directly into the tube around. This place is easy because the brush is uneven, and seepage. 2, the walls around 30 cm brush, shower area brush one meter eight, the width of the shower area to the limit. 3,24 hours of closed water test, you must go downstairs to see if there is leakage phenomenon, no words, paste tiles.
Bathroom waterproof two kinds of paint (1) synthetic polymer polyurethane waterproof coating (corner, etc. need to add polyester cloth, glass cloth, etc.) (2) polymer modified asphalt SBS waterproof coating (need to add carcass reinforcement polyester cloth, glass cloth, etc.).

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