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israel section : who is Rachel Corrie?

did the israel government trialled the bulldozer driver or they decided that he didn't see her ?


Rachel Corrie was an anti-American, anti-Israel member of the notorious anti-Israel group that calls itself the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Corrie, who had engaged in numerous anti-U.S. protests, traveled to the Gaza Strip during the Arab terrorist so-called Second Intifada. While Corrie and her friends were aDFmpting to disrupt the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) actions, the bulldozer operated by the IDF accidentally killed her. Corrie was killed by debris pushed over by the bulldozer, whose driver did not see her. That bulldozer was clearing brush and was not engaged in demolition when Corrie blocked its path. The ISM group acted irresponsibly and bears the full blame for the tragic consequences. .
The Israeli authorities conducted an investigation and concluded that the death was accidental since the driver did not see her at the time. I have seen pictures of the actual model of bulldozer in question and the cab area is very high up with hardly any visibility downwards. So, just like al Dura, her death is exploited by anti Israel cranks as another &anti Israel talking point&.
Israel has urged the activists to bring the ship to the southern Israeli port of Ashdod and promised to transfer all cargo save any weapons or weapons components. The activists rejected the Israeli offer. If they are peaceful activists, then why would they reject Isreal on this? Why would so-called peaceful activists resist when it is common knowledge that Isreal takes these measures against anyone heading to the Gaza strip as a matter of self-preservation. Can you really blame Isreal for taking such measures? The Gaza Strip is an armed camp, ruled with an iron fist by a repressive Hamas regime that has not only repeatedly pledged itself to the annihilation of Israel and the torpedoing of any prospects for Middle East peace, but has made good on its pledges by firing approximately 10,000 missiles, rockets, and mortar bombs at Israeli civilians over the past several years for the express purpose of killing or wounding those civilians or, at a minimum, terrifying them. I understand the people in around Gaza need aid, but it's not Isreal's fault that those who govern that area are corrupt and don't properly care for it's own people all the while they are supporting terrorist activity.
sir, jewz will denny that. they have been doing that for almost a century now. they lie and denny everything that expose their terrorist ideology which is deeply rooted in their religion. rachel corrie to us is a person who cared about palestinian kidz, she had to pay her life as price for her care. for the jewz she is just another worthless gentile who does not support &their right to exist& i agree with swt_angelina05 . you cannot demonstrate and hide at the same time. no common sense in all jewish lies on this forum.

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