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Kenworth T2000 Rear Axle problem?

The left back axle is not releasing. We checked the brakes, and they are releasing. Its not the s-cam. the rear diff shaft turns, but when u lock/unlock the rear diff, the left side rear axle is not releasing. The right side rear axle moves freely, but after finding several blown fuses, its still locked. After trying to drag it loose, the ABS light on the dash stays on now. It drove to its parking spot fine. It‘s sat for approx 60 days and was fine before it was parked. Could it be the DP/splitter, or what?


sounds like a electrical problem at your diff lock on the axle it's self run a continuity check and check the switch at the axle if it is not either of these you will have to pull the front of the diff apart and see if one of the gears is locked
May 28, 2018

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