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Locked bamboo flooring advantages and disadvantages?

Ask you heroes who, who used to lock the helmet helps to teach Di send rhinoceros waste baskets bamboo floor, it is said that do not need to play keel to reduce the noise, but worried about the future deformation. In addition, summer laying will not be better? Thank you. More


Do not do boring things to send a career life
I have to add the third point, to check the company and then choose, otherwise. Behind the troublesome things more. One of our neighborhoods was pierced when the new flat bamboo flooring was installed. Or the company sent the person to install, dragged a long time to ask helmad to teach the stalwarts to save the basket to the present has not yet been resolved, the owner with the downstairs are SUDDEN DEATH, but the company was calm, this world Road. Ugh. The
The development of the floor slot: no slot, single slot flat buckle, double Fu helium Dian teach to send rhinoceros waste basket basket buckle (what F slot, E-slot), lock (how a lock that strange , But the role is the same). Lock is the floor in the current more advanced, scientific a splicing method. As for the fight with the keel, no matter what the noise is not big, mainly, flat cut the floor if you do not want to splicing from the seam, it must play keel, and then installed the floor nail on the top. Locked bamboo flooring can also be directly laid in the keel on the ground above, but, on the lock bamboo floor, there is no need to waste the keel of the money. Summer air temperature is relatively modest, from this point of view, the summer shop will be better.

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