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Looking for old children's movie It had talking letters and numbers and a flying elevator.?

This is driving me nutsI am trying to remember a movie I saw as a childAll I have is very fuzzy memories about this movie, maybe somebody can help identify it for me.I remember in the movie there was a boy and a flying elevator crashed outside his houseThis elevator took him to a different land and the movie switched to a cartoon at this pointIn this new land letters and numbers could talkThats about all I remember, hopefully somebody can help!


My babies have been all observed on the a protracted time of 18 mos., 2 years and exceptionally much 3 yearsso as that they knew for the main area, they had different mom and father - the two delivery and fosterthose are all relationships that we had to validate with our young onesMy oldest son is the guy who has continually noted assembly his birthmomwe've continually been open and sincere approximately what all of us comprehend approximately his mom and fatherWe even have some taking part in cards and letters that have been despatched to them that they love dealing withi might surely help my young ones seek as properly as actively take part in itI might desire to placed myself of their shoesand additionally, how can i be threatened by skill of somebody who has given me the prospect to be a mom to the main useful babies? i might like to fulfill them and thank themI even have questions as an adoptive mom for their birthparents, so i'm confident they have such a lot of greater that they are going to choose replied sometimea hundred% supportive!
If you live in a large city, you may find a publisher who shrink wraps booksGo there and plead your caseIf I worked there I would say sure and take it to the shrink wrap machine and do it for you However, I hope you still have the barcode stamp - else it will still not be considered as new .

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