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Lurking truck drivers?

here's the situationyou're driving on a 2-lane highway and in front of you there are two eighteen wheelers in a rowoften times one of the eighteen wheelers will get in the fast lane to pass the otherbut besides actually passing the other big rig they both just kind of drive slow next to each other, making it impossible for other cars to passWHY IS THIS!?well my theory (which is only supported by rumors and speculation) is that the passing big rig is only 'passing' so that the other big rig can get a good long look at whichever car is trying to get past the trucksI noticed that this situation happens a lot more often when I have my girlfriend in the passenger seatand my girlfriend (who is a pretty blonde who drives a very effeminate VW Beetle) told me that it happens to her almost EVERY TIME


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