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movie making effect question?

How does one put fake 3D object in real motion picture?For Example, Jurassic park used a 3D dinosaur in a real picture.And how do you make your own backdrop for greenscreens?


To protect the church from damaging lightning strikes. Is this a trick question? Jim
have someone find a random stranger (woman) put on lipstick and cover the askers face is kisses
It could be that one of the detectors was set off either from humidity or some chemical or dust in the air that gave it a wrong reading, since these are all hard wired together they read each other and all blast an alarm at the same time. Try to isolate the one that caused the problem and have it checked. You could try a vacuum . At least you know they are working. If they have a battery back up and they haven't been changed recently, now is the time while they got your attention. If it has to be replaced you will have to get the same one or change all 5 so that they are compatible

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