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My dog bites his bed!?

its his second bed and now, after a week, it has couple of holes where he was digging into. how do i stop him from biting his bed when i am not around most of the time he does..thanks!


put a nasty smell on there for him so when he bites it, he'll regret it.
try using apple bitters... its a deterant that comes in a spray bottle. he wont want to bite it if it tastes bad. i hope that helps :)
He is bored. Give him some exercise and something to do or play with while you aren't taking care of him.
My dog does the same thing....she tears up everything....you have to do whatever you can to get into his head that this is a no no. Spank him...don't hurt him just a short spanking that tells him, U ARE NOT GONNA KEEP DOING THIS In time he will start understanding that it IS a no no. :)
Have you tried spraying it with Bitter Apple? One of my own dogs ripped the heck out of 3 dog beds until I used the Bitter Apple. This did break him of his destructive doggie bed habits. Good Luck!!

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