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my mercury mystique 1998 hand brake light wont go off?

my hand brake is down however the brake light indicator on the dashboard is still on can any one tell me whats wrong.


It means that your brake system, not the E-brake has something wrong with it. Most likely it is low on fluid. Check fluid, fill as needed and get it to a mechanic if you are unsure how to fix brakes. The brake system is enclosed meaning it doesn't need periodic filling. There is a problem. It could be anywhere. From the master cylinder to the calipers or wheel cylinders or even a rotting brake line. Believe it or not, they recommend replacing the brake fluid every so often i think every 60k just so moisture doesn't get in and rot the lines. Good luck and get this done quick before you hit someone. :o)
May 28, 2018
It could be a problem in the hydraulic brake system. Or it could be the little switch, that the brake handle normally trips, has a problem, the tab on them often bends. A Haynes or Chilton book might help, but looking under the e-brake handle will often reveal the problem.
May 28, 2018
Are you effective you pulled the best swap? I surely have a tricky time believing that the brake lighting fixtures fixtures are nevertheless on with it bumped off. Is the middle easy on as nicely? additionally, what you describe isn't a short. a short could blow a fuse. there could be extra advantageous than one activate the pedal- for cruise administration disconnect, shift interlock. Ford continually has extra helpful techniques.
May 28, 2018

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