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New Brakes make scrubbing noise?

I had my brake pads replaced, because I knew it was time, after 3 years of driving on the same pads. I had a little grinding but not much at all. I took it in the a brakes only brake shop, and the guys says that my calibers need to be rebuilt because they are scraping the brake pads, and if i didn‘t do this, i would be back in 2 months because the will then need an entire new brake system for my 3 year old car. i told him to just replace the pads. now when i stop (like at a stop light) i hear a scrubbing noise when i take my foot off the brake. The car stops just fine, even from a higher speed. Did the shop do something to my car b/c they couldn‘t up sell me?


Try driving your car for a while and when you're out of traffic try a few hard stops. This should stress the brake system a little and help to seat the pads and hopefully free up your calipers. You were right to opt for just the pads. Even if your calipers require replacement, that mechanic was blowing smoke. There's no way your calipers can scrape anything that's going to matter. Worst case: They could possibly have been scraping the back side (non-stopping surface) of your pads. This would cause a nuisance noise, but that's about all, and very unlikely on a three year old car. If my suggestion doesn't do the trick for you, find a different shop to fix your brakes.
Jun 26, 2018

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