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Out of Control Pony! Help!?

I have a 7 month old pony that is halter broke. He is impossible to catch in a pasture and if he gets on the lose, he runs all around the 25 acre farm and will take over an hour to catch. I try to walk him down to the road to take him for a walk but he will buck and rear and will try to run( Hes a barn sour). The road is very quite. He has kicked me and nearly got my face when I tried to pick out his back hooves. I can't pick out his back hooves and its really a problem since the farrier is coming this week end. Today something spooked him and he reared, I got hit in the shoulder by his hoof and the other one nearly got me in the face. I'm sick of this behavior from him, how do I make it stop. He will only act up for me or my friends and I don't want anyone getting hurt. Any tips on training or making this behavior come to a stop? Also he doesn't eat treats, he hates them.


I'd just put down expensive carpeting. There's nowhere else my dogs would rather pee.
Yes, of course it worked.
Yes I have and still do, I love the warmth of it and it works very well
Yes I have. They are great, especially in the winter when I keep my heater turned off at night and the blanket (or heated mattress pad, which is what I use) keeps me toasty warm. :)
yes,there the best when your cold.there like a fire in a blanket.some have heat levels 1-10.

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