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pot lights in the attic and I want to add more insulation in the attic?

i found out the pot lights are not insulating pot lights, i heard that i can use the pink Styrofoam board to make a box and cover the lightif this is so, how big should the box be and do i put a cover on the topi am adding more blown cellulose.


I take it you are not from the UKWe have to recycle as much as possible (EU regulations) and the local councils have cut down the general household waste collections (anything that cannot be recycled) to every two weeksThis certainly focuses the household onto recycling as if we don't separate out paper, card, plastic, cans and garden waste we will have an overflowing wheelie binIt is inconvenient because yes, it does take more time and you have to think instead of just throwing everything into the wheelieThey can inspect your bin at any time and fine you if you are not doing things correctly.
There are several strands to this oneProbably the most important for you is to find a place which will take the recycled stuffCouncils seem very variable on this oneIn our area (North Devon) HDPE - i.eplastic milk bottles - are accepted, where in Redhill, Surrey, they aren'tThis quite possibly has to do with finding a firm who will take this plastic, although why North Devon can do this, and Surrey can't, frankly puzzles meAnother point is just how much political will there is to do this, and, again, things seem very different in different areas, although this is improving steadilyRecycling involves ordinary people as well as councils, of course, and, again, watching the way some (young, sadly,) drivers simply toss their trash out of the car window onto a country road makes me doubt that some will ever get the pointBut probably the major problem is in the packaging itselfIt is important to recognise that in order for things to be recycled they must be in a fairly 'pure' state, i.ecardboard cannot be mixed in with plastic and vice-versaUnfortunately manufacturers and many retailers really don't help hereDrinks packaging is one of the best illustrations hereOrdinary drinks bottles are OK, their plastic being relatively free of of other potentially contaminating materialsCardboard squash cartons are the exact opposite, the cardboard being interlayered with polythene and, often, aluminium foil, and then having a plastic pouring closure as wellThese are all but impossible to recycleFinally there is the issue of transportIf it costs more to transport the recycling material to a plant which can process it then economically it makes no sense to do thisWhether it is seen to make environmental sense is another matter of course, but this all swings around the price we put on clean air, water and natural resources, and, historically, much of this traditionally is deemed to be freeThat attitude, sensibly, is changing, if too slowly in my opinion.
Recycling IS required in some states and citiesIn these cities, the sanitation workers (garbagemen) will not pick up your trash if it has recyclables in itThese cities and states have curbside recyclingFor a few extra dollars a month, residents place recyclables into different curbside containers for pickupThis is the most convenient way to recycleIf you want convenient curbside recycling, contact your city council, mayor, elected official, etc., that is responsible for the government of your cityEncourage others to do this alsoIf your elected officials know you want curbside recycling, they will do their best to start itMy husband and I started a recycling center in the town where we liveIt took about 9 months of e-mails, letters, petitions, and attending city council meetingsWe're hoping to get curbside recycling voted on in another year or soAs another poster mentioned, it's more convenient to just throw your trash beside the road and keep drivingThat's why there's so much garbage everywhereI spent every Saturday, free of charge, at the city recycling center helping the citizens of my city recycle their paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, steel, cardboard, and paperAs Kermit The Frog says, It isn't easy being green.
You need to maintain a 3 distance from the housing to insulationJust to be safe I would recommend keeping light combustible objects (foam insulation) at a very minimum that 3 possibly moreIf you are handy enough I would recommend changing out the non insulated cans to an insulated typeIf you have attic access and it not too big of a pain might be the best ideaJuno type IC-2 would be my recommendationThose are the best when you are insulating the sides and top of canHowever a Juno type IC-22 is a little cheaper and still rated to be in contact on the sides and top the only problem with those is that they don't have the luxury of having a secondary housing to keep the heat downThey will periodically have issues with the heat sensors tripping but it sure beats a fireGood luck just remember don't not have non insulated recess lights in contact with insulationThis is a fire hazard.
Do not try to recycle.DO IT.If you are trying then you are simply being lazy.It is inconvenient for those who are unwilling to invest an effort in saving the planet that gave them life and sustains them.Man can do anything if he really wants to.Separate your waste by type and dispose of it in the nearby recycling containers.Use the organic waste to fertilize your plantsYou dont need several trash cans.Just having 4 small cans is enough to do your part on keeping the nature clean.One for paper.One for plastic bottles.One for used batteries.One for various wasteIf you still do not have room in your apartment remove an item that you do not need and you will have room.Use your brain unless it is too inconvenient.

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