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pulling a 7500lbs trailer with a 05 dodge 2500 cummins short box?

Do I need a weight distribution system and what about brake assist


A 7500 lb trailer is required to have brakes, either electric or surge. With a 2500 you should be able to tow it without problems as long as you have a class III hitch
May 28, 2018
well a weight distribution will prevent sway at highway speeds which will keep u from shitting your pants when the whole back of the truck starts to float around. you will definitely need brake assist though or else you will not be able to stop that monster!
May 28, 2018
Bleed the brakes properly. If you can pump the pedal and improve the braking, there is still air in the system. Good luck
May 28, 2018
If it is purely have been given 60K on it, it incredibly is ridiculously low. the vehicle will rust out long in the previous the engine provides up. nonetheless, there are various service products that could desire to be seen on age quite of mileage. maximum mandatory is the engines timing belt. If this breaks, your engine is toast. that's a $500 job to replace it, even nevertheless that's previous due. on a similar time as they have issues aside, i might have the mechanic replace the accessory belts and the coolant hoses. All are due and could pass away you stranded in the event that they blow. while you're taking good care fo this vehicle, the engine will pass 250K in the previous you have intense reliability issues. Astrobuf
May 28, 2018
did you make sure all the air is out start by bleeding the farest wheel from the master cylinder and work your way up,did you check you brake booster ? goodluck
May 28, 2018

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