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ive been weight training for a while now and im thinking of swapping my bench press for a lat pull down but i got perfect pushup pads now what would be better or faster to gain more muscle bench press or doing lots and lots of pushups


Bench press, by far. You need heavy weight, low rep range for significant gains.
Keep the bench press! for lats you could get a pull up bar and put it in a doorway and do wide grip pullups, its cheap and saves a lot of space!
Bench Press with Heavy as you can Manage Weights, will build Bulk.
Well doing a push-up is kind of similar but if you have a bench press you can increase the weight you use and get stronger. If you just do push ups then you'll only be using half of what you weigh (for example if you weigh 200 pounds you'll be pushing up around 90 pounds) so yeah but why don't you feel comfortable being in a Gym? HOnestly pushups can't replace the bench press but pushups help you while you don't have a bench press.
Bench presses, of course. You have more control by adding weight. You can do it with push ups but it's a bit hard because you can only control your reps. Cheers :)

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