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Question about installing home fire alarms?

I just moved into my friends home and realized she has no fire alarms in her home. This is a huge issue for me especially because we have little ones in the house.I thought alarms systems usually have wires attached at the ceiling..Can we install pnes w/out wiring? How do we go about this? I want this issue solved tomorrow.


Some old fire extinguishers contain water with baking soda in it and a cotainer of acid. The acid on the baking soda causes the water to shoot out under pressure. Todays extinguishers contain a foam or a yellow powder called PKP There are also CO2 extinguishers with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. These are the ones with the cone on the handle. Fires are stopped by cutting one of the essential elements of fire. Either heat, oxygen or the fuel. Foam and CO2 cut the oxygen. Water cools. PKP smothers also.
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