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Questions on nuclear fission?

I need 10 questions to test someone on nuclear fission x


Everything in this world is heavily opinionated. People are more and more likely to want what is new and in and what everybody else is wearing. It helps people stand out and or/ fit in with others. Everybody is going to like something else and everybody is going to have a different opinion towards brands, thus enforcing the differential ways of human beings. It's 100% natural! It's what we do! we ridicule each other over and over again. It's how it's always going to be and having overly expensive clothing shows how much you're willing to put towards your fashion and beauty, in some opinions. Hope I helped :)
check users in your control panel to see if you have the administrator privilege. i recommend you to use virus scan to remove the virus. boot up in safe mode, disable system recovery, and scan the whole system. many virus cannot be removed by system recovery. only in safe mode, the virus will not start.
umm i would wait longer than that. your tragus is kind of an awkward place and it's really hard to change the earrings. call the place where you got it pierced and listen to what they say.

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