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resin jewelry help please?

I need help with resin jewelry? (Im brand new to this)?well im making a necklace and i want to put some pictures in it but the pictures are so tiny, that i cant really cut off the white area around it, so how do i make it transparent? also what kind of paper should I use for resin jewelry and does michaels have the materials i will need to make resin jewelry?


The gold you are thinking of it for the space helmets. Sounds like they are spraying it on really thin to protect the astronauts from the radiation from the sun. The sun gives off lots of radiation that would harm living things, epically the eyes. The Ozone belt and atmosphere do a pretty good job of absorbing much of the dangerous stuff. But in space it's different. Even at the top of Mount Everest, one will burn their corneas after about 20 minutes of exposure without protective wear. This is due to higher levels of Ultra Violet (UV) because it's has less atmosphere to go through. No the class on the shuttle must be made of harder stuff. Some satellites actually have diamond windows. And the only space heat shield I know of, is the one on some of the moon landers.
well if its a brand new home, it is against the law to sell it like that, so i'd tell the company you got it from to tell the contractors, and if it is used, the people selling the house have to by law add those before it is sold. but it might be too late, once you sign its yours
that's just what you need to get is the smoke detectors..and extra batteries cuz they dont work with out them..and when the batteries are dead you always forget to pick them up so extras is good..also depending on your new home..a good sump pump can be a life saver for many home disasters ..broke pipe..bad drainage street floodand a small generator would be a blessing in a real disasters. viding you got gasand depending on the homedrainage is very important cuz when the water comes its to latesecurity lites out side that come on with motion are a deterrent for intruders ..

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