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safety precaution during preparing blood film?

safety precaution during preparing blood film?


Ear plugs?! No! beer, tent, sleeping bag, pillow, beer, hot dogs, beer, bottled water, and. Oh yeah, BEER!
Watch the movie Valley Girl, this movie depicts the '80's style very well. It will even teach the '80's slang.
Considering the GTS version is a track prepped car, it isn't meant to be driven on public roads, so curbs aren't in its design. The standard R8, however, you would drive just like any low sitting car. You go over speed bumps carefully.
Backpack, flashlight, ear plugs are good in case you need to sleep, air mattress, camera (and a safe place to keep it) extra batteries, or just a disposable camera, bottled water (1 water for every 2 beers to prevent dehydration), dry food, a lighter in case you need to start a camp fire, extra blankets, something for the artists to sign if you get the chance to meet them, cell phone in case of emergencies, trash bag to put your dirty clothes in, bug spray, sun screen, extra clothes (you never know what's gonna happen at these things), and of course a tent! That's all I could think of! Most things are for emergency only but I'd rather be safe than sorry! :) Hope you have fun!!

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