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Scraping noise from motorcycle. Is it the brakes scraping?

Hey so I got this old 1986 Kawasaki ninja a few weeks ago for a $1000. Probably overpaid for it but it was in really good condition for being so old and the last owner fixed up a bunch of stuff.Mechanically is seems really good and i have been riding is for almost 200 miles already. One bad thing is that the gas mileage doesn‘t seem to be very good. Probably because its old. Going to try one of those fuel additives.Anyways. The main reason im here is because there is a soft scraping/ grinding noise when i push the bike. Meaning the bike is off and in neutral. I was thinking the noise is coming from the brakes grinding on the rotors. The pads seem to be good, but the rotors need to be resurfaced because there are some noticeable ridges in them. I still have not pin pointed the noise because I have to keep both hands on the bike to move it around. Any other ideas where the noise is coming from? Also should i be concerned about this?


Brake pads making light contact with the rotors is normal. If the brakes are sticking that is an issue. The wheels should turn free, with no sticking spots. On a bike that old I would take some VERY fine sandpaper or a green scotchbright pad give the rotors a good going over. Old pad material can imbed in the rotors and cause high spots. If the brakes have not been flushed and new fluid installed that needs to be your first priority. This needs to done AT LEAST every two years. That brownish color that brake fluid gets after a while is caused by MOISTURE. Yes the sealed brake system gets water in it and water will damage the system very quickly. As stated, the chain will make noise when the bike is moved. Adjust and lube it and keep it lubed. Fuel mileage wasn't a huge issue back when this bike was made. It was made for performance, not fuel mileage. I don't think there is a lot you can do to improve it. Make sure the bike is in good running condition and has a good tune up, that's about it. A good fuel additive is a great idea. It may not help your mileage, but the crap they are putting in gasoline these days can cause a lot of headaches with our motorcycles. I put a bit of Techron in every fill up on my Beemer. Cheap insurance against ethanol damage to my bike.
May 28, 2018
A little bit of scuffing is normal, no rotor is perfectly flat. Best way to check is to put the bike on the center-side or a bike-bench and rotate the wheels while inspecting the rotation. The drive-chain can also make some noise, check for tension and lube.
May 28, 2018
Clean the calipers, especially the sides of the pistons. You used to have to chamfer the leading edge of pads (but as far as I remember this predated 86).
May 28, 2018
Is your Stupid Answer For 2 Lousy Points light also lit?
May 28, 2018
take it to autozone or advance auto so they can check it for free(code Scanner)
May 28, 2018

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