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Should I be afraid to preform oral?

my ex used to ask me to do this all the time but is a always afraid to an never did. my current boyfriend doesn't ask me to but I'm sure it'll come up sometime so I need to know how to not be scared to do this or how.......if that make sense.ps. I'm only 15 and not really into being all sexual I can talk about it but doing it rarely happens


When I was 15 I was hoping I could play tag with my friends, not have sex and oral sex.
U have to learn sometime but its upp to u. 69 is best
Babe, at 15, it shouldn't be happening at all. Don't fool around with older guys. Wait until you are either 18 or older, or are married. Don't be such a 'dork'. There are way too many single mothers who are welfare hos sucking off the teats of society now, for you to join them. I don't mean to insult anyone, just state the facts. Good day.
It's a really scary thing when you first give blow jobs and it will take a few times to start getting good at it , just relax and breath out when your doing it .. It can help with your gag reflexes and don't use teeth !!kinda make your lips like you would if you made fun of a old person lol you will eventually get comfortable but it takes time Make sure your boyfriend comforts you and tells you what he likes in specific detail and don't be pressured into anything ! Good luck hun !
It's subjective, when you are ready is the right time. No one should tell you when or when not to do it.(: never feel pressured, sex is a beautiful thing. That when you're ready for, you should engage in

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