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Should I blanket my horse?

I live in Southern California and own a 20 year old thoroughbred geldingAs a thoroughbred, he is always on the thin sideHe is fed plenty throughout the day, 2 8-10lb alfalfa flakes, 5lbs safe choice, 6lbs beet pulp, 2lbs rice bran and 10lbs alfalfa pelletsHe looks great right now, but I worry if I don't blanket him he could go thinHe boards in a facility across town, so blanketing him is not the most convenient, as I can not be there in the morning to remove his blanketIt is 50 degrees right now (8:30pm) and I am cold, but I know not to judge my temp to my horseI checked on him earlier and he seemed just fine.Those I have spoken to say I don't need to blanket him unless it is rainy and cold (rare occurrence here)So, at what temperature should I throw a blanket on him (if ever)? Do horses in Southern Cal (specifically Carlsbad) need blanketing?Thank you for your help.Concerned owner.


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