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Should i get clothes for my dog?

my friend says it is cruel to give dogs clothes to wear not sure if i should get clothes?


Have you tried replacing the battery? Have you notified your LL in writing that the smoke detector does not work? What does your lease say about who is responsible to maintain the smoke detector?
If every alarm is going off, then you have CO, maybe not enough to put you down, but enough to set off the alarm. It's highly unlikely that all alarms are bad. But if they are interconnected (where one alarm sets off all the others), then one bad alarm may set off all of the alarms. You may have an alarm with a weak battery. What do you have that can generate CO? Gas stove? Gas water heater? Gas heating system? Car running in the garage? Whatever the source, you need to find it. CO alarms don't make CO (I presume you have a typo error in your posting).

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