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Steering wheeling fluid into brake fluidcontainer?

My dumbass poured a bit of steering wheel fluid into the container which is for brake fluid but there was a good amount of brake fluid. Should I leave it or flush it out?


It is all ruined, get rid of it, you MUST NOT put it in your brake system! Do not so much as touch the break pedal! Suck all the fluid from the reservoir and replace with fresh and must have no trace of the power steering fluid in it refill and suck it out enough times to make sure it is clear! If you have made the mistake of driving it this way you must get the brakes completely bled to get that out since it will SLOWLY destroy the seals and once this starts it can not be stopped and you will be replacing all the wheel cylinders, calipers and master cylinder. If the power steering fluid has made it to the seals it will not detonate like the death star like the first poster claims, in the days to weeks following that they will all begin to leak and you will notice your brakes weakening and all the parts will need to be replaced, if not you will have complete brake failure.
May 28, 2018
You now need to completely remove all of the brake fluid and flush the lines with clean fluid. Do not drive the car in this condition as you risk brake failure. Consider this car a death trap until it is repaired. You want to repair this ASAP as this incorrect fluid could destroy the seals in the master cylinder, calipers, and wheel cylinders. The longer you wait the more expensive this will get. Not all that difficult to repair yourself if you are a little bit mechanically inclined. You will need a brake bleeder kit. You can find this at your favorite auto parts store. You will need a socket that fits your brake bleeder screws. Maybe some penetrating fluid to spray on the bleeder screws as sometimes they are hard to open. You need a bottle of the correct brake fluid. And a cheap turkey baster. Mark the turkey baster in some way as after you use it you would never want to use it with food again. Spray the bleeder screws with some penetrating oil. Use the turkey baster to suck as much of the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir as possible. You may even want to wipe out the reservoir with a clean rag. Fill the reservoir with the correct brake fluid. Follow the simple instructions on your brake bleeder kit to bleed the brakes. Bleed each line until you have clear fluid coming from the bleeder. But be careful not to allow any air to enter the brake bleeders while they are open. While bleeding the brakes, make sure you never allow the reservoir to go empty or air will enter the system and you would need to start all over again. Check your brakes for a firm pedal before driving the car. Or Have the car towed to a reputable mechanic and tell him what you did. Let the mechanic flush the brakes for you.
May 28, 2018
Absolutely dump it in an oil recycling drum. Any type of oil will rot the seals inside the master-cylinder, brake calipers and wheel cylinders. Rinse the container out with brake clean.
May 28, 2018

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