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Tank turning/braking system?

How does a turning and braking system of a tank work? I am building a 1/5 scale Tiger 1 tank and need to know how to turn and brake it.


Drivers of tanks can change the speed or revolution-direction of the track of either side. To turn the driver stops one track and keeps the other moving. To turn faster, the driver can put one into forward and the other into reverse. If the driver wants to halt and hold, both track drives can be stopped.
May 28, 2018
In more detail, each track has it's own clutch and gear box, and brake. So you can just let one clutch slip a bit for a gentle turn, or a bit of braking on one side. The reference has a very good discussion. .
May 28, 2018
32 pounds of pressure
May 28, 2018
it should be stamped on your tires. Just check them out and go by what they call for, so there are no problems. Normally 35psi is average for most tires. But check to be 100% for safety and better handling.
May 28, 2018

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