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Tires Plus: Isnt brake system flush included in the :Plus brake service?

I went in for that plus brake service at the GB, WI tires plus on Main and service advisor charged me $70 for brake system flush? I had a 01 honda accord V6. In their lobby they had a service chart that list plus brake service at around $250 that included brake flush system. I was charged around $360 but I had a $40 coupon for the plus brake system. They had a premium brake service for around $389 that included brake system flush and lifetime warranty. I only had the plus and 24 months warranty. Was this correct since I had a 01 Honda Accord V6? Please help me. I feel cheated. In addition the service advisor estimated the repair to be completed within an hour to hour and half. I was there for 2 and half hours. They so wronged me. Please answer and help me clarify this. Has anyone experience this.


2 FunnieU buy a $3.00 bottle of brake fluid- use a shop vac 2 suck out the old brake fluid in the Master Cylinder then refill with the CORRECT ( DOT ) type fluidHave a person that knows how 2 pump the brake peddle while the other person opens the bleeder screws in the correct ORDERBleed until the fluid is CLEAR--then refill with fluid b sure NOT 2 let the MasterCylinder go dry while bleeding. adjust the rear brakes a couple of clicks IF it has rear drum brakesDON'T use the VAC on the very bottom of the master cylinder.
May 28, 2018
Tires Plus Brake Service
May 28, 2018
First off, you only need to ask this question once, not three times. Secondly, if you have a complaint about the bill: 1. Why did you pay it? 2. Why don't you go back to the source and ask them why the bill is what it is. You won't find your answer here. Only the people that charged you are qualified to explain why they charged what they charged.
May 28, 2018
You mix carbon with iron. I guess you could get it from coal like the one answer says. I'm not sure how you get them mixed without burning the carbon. Argon maybe.
May 28, 2018
It contains carbon, but I think the iron is heated more to burn off impurities?
May 28, 2018

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