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Two questions about energy for physical science class (Check my answers please!)?

1. Which of the following is not an example of an energy transfer? A. a roller coaster being pulled to the top of the first hill B. a roller coaster standing still with people sitting in it C. a roller coaster gliding down a hill D. a roller coaster coming to a stop at the end of ride I think it's C. 2. When you wind up the rubber band on an airplane propeller, the energy is: A. created B. stored C. destroyed D. lost as heat


Their are many reason people get fired from jobs, if you were on probation maybe the lady you are mentioning didn't think it was a safe move to make in her bookstore, maybe she found someone else, or maybe she just didn't have the money to pay you. Either way you should work on getting another job for the holidays.
Im not femilure with your model but from waht I know about the detectors a churping could be from a weak battery or incomplete circut comming from the battery. Check for corrosion and if 9 volt battery check for a broken wire on the battery connector these small wires can be pulled apart really easly and are even hard to see under the plastic cover over them on top of the battery. This is my suspission that you have a broken wire from the battery. To reset the detector try turning off the power to the hardwire. Also this might give you a sign that the battery circut is intacked or not. If the battery is still plugged in and you have no line power the battery is the only thing left to allow a beep and if it stops when the breaker is off the battery isnt supplying power and this is indeed where the problem lies.

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