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Vacuum Cleaner &Loud crunching noise& runs great without belt and rollerbar?

I have a Bissel 6594 Series Vac. The other day we noticed a burning rubber smell coming from the machine. I turned it over and saw that the roller bar wasn't moving.We went and purchased a new belt replacement put it on and the burning rubber smell came back and this time the vac would make a noise as if there are bolts ran over. Like a crunching/grinding noise and loud. Took the belt and roller off and the vacuum works good. No noise problems and the attachments work good. Still sucks up things. I looked at the bottom of the vac to see if anything is caught but couldn't find anything. Even had my wife clean it out. Still the same problem. Could this be the motor failing. Seems odd that it does the issues when belt is installed on the motor bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


I've honestly by no means used ANY mask or on-eye goggles that have by no means fogged up. I have some goggles that don't fog up too dangerous, however considering they have an genuine seal between my skin and the lens, there is not any air movement so the heat from my eyes makes them fog up. What you (and that i) need is some goggles that have plenty of air flow between the lens and the face, whilst still offering complete safeguard. So clearly, that's no longer going to occur. When it particularly annoys me, I simply use some full-defense work goggles, the all clear form which are like glasses that you use when cutting timber and stuff. They not often fog up seeing that there is plenty of air flow, but you appear like a fag while you wear them. That is the only thing I've observed unless you need to relatively go all out. What I absolutely did once was once that I took a full winter fleece hoodie that protected all of my face except my eyes and wore an airsoft masks underneath. Then I sawed off the top of a snorkel so it was about 1/2 so long as it was before, and used that to breath. The snorkel funneled the air out the aspect of my head so that most moisture was once evaded the goggles. It worked, nevertheless it was once a discomfort within the *** to use. Hope this helped you
yes it does. if you press menu settings phone settings security. then you go to lock applications and select the application you would like to lock/unlock. if you don't already have a password set it may ask you to set one first. i hope this helped!

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