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Vibrating brake pedal?

When i push my brakes just before it stops the pedal vibrates violently and pushes the pedal back up? It doesnt do it until i press the brakes firmly when the car is almost stopped (i have abs) Is this normal? i have a 4x4 brand new 08 ford escape? It is snowing could it be ice on the wheel? Or something wrong with the brakes ? Thanks!!


Anti-lock-braking system (ABS) is doing its job. Change cars if you don't like that performance, and try to find one with a different brake system. Good luck with that.
May 28, 2018
Sure sounds like the ABS brake feature is activating and it may be quite normal. Your dealer will know. You can force the ABS to activate by getting up to speed somewhat in an empty parking lot and then jamming on the brakes. Try it to get the feel of how ABS works on ice and snow. It won't hurt anything and actually is good to do a few times a year to keep the ABS unit working properly in my opinion. Some cars you'll feel the ABS pedal pulsation and pedal push up as the ABS does a self test when you first start the car and drive away. You may not stop any quicker with ABS, but you'll sure be able to steer a lot better and maintain control with it. I wouldn't be without it or airbags.
May 28, 2018
Anti-lock-braking system (abs) will pulse and vibrate some when press hard, this is normal and lets you know it is functioning right. And if you brake hard on ice or snow the system reacts to this to keep from locking up the brakes and skidding, thus feeling like it vibrating is the system working and doing it intended job. To be on the safe side and rest assure take it to a dealership have it checked out, should still be covered under warrenty, they are nice and durable transportation. Good luck, drive safe
May 28, 2018
They would last a month, you can find them in the phone book. The problem is by the time you pay to have them dismounted and mounted, you could buy some cheap new ones at a discount tire place.
May 28, 2018
yes, they will last a year but they can be dangerous, there's a reason there used, you could be asking for trouble, if it's a last means than do it but try going to a tire supplier, you'd be surprised at the prices you can get from a chain shop that is being pounded by the big boss for not selling tires, monro has complete control of what they sell anything for, i could and would sell you new tires at cost if i thought i could kick up my numbers. (don't tell anyone i said that)
May 28, 2018

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