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What are all the supplies you need for breeding leopard geckoes?

Wanting to know everything to buy and if any 1 has some incubators for sale ill buy 1 using my PayPal let me know


Incubator, males and females, plastic container with spagnum moss in it, vermiculite, a cup
Two adult enclosures, which have controlled heat sources (thermostat, heat mat), hides, etc. 1 hatchling rack which can house up to 12 hatchlings. Thermostat to control the heat source in the rack (assuming you get a model with built-in heat). 1 incubator. A Reptibator would be fine. A digital kitchen scale that weighs in 1 gram increments. Deli cups, vermiculite, supplements, gut-load formula, and a supplier for tiny insects for the hatchlings, and larger ones for the adults. Unless you are buying higher end, expensive leopard gecko morphs, do not expect to make back your investment. In general, expect to sell your offspring for half of pet store retail prices. You may have difficulty selling normal leopard geckos, or extremely common morphs. So, if you're doing this to make extra money--think again. If you're doing it for fun and experience, then enjoy your new hobby. :) Of course, buy a book on leopard gecko care and breeding, and get all of your equipment in advance. Buy your geckos from a breeder, not a pet store, and make sure they are at the proper weight and age before breeding them.

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