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What are hydrolic brakes or brake hydrolics?

What is it used for?What does it do?Who invened it?all that good stuff


Hydraulic brakes is describing a braking system. Where brake hydraulics is the process or theory. Brakes are used to slow or stabilize equipment, cars, trucks, trains and although planes have hydraulic brakes on their landing gear they also have aileron brakes and engine brakes which slow a plane thru air friction, engine brakes reroute the air/exhaust pressure that are controlled by hydraulics As far as who invented them that's going way back in history. George Westinghouse 1869 is one. Elisha Otis-elevator brakes 1852 Robert Valdez bicycle brakes unknown year Covered wagons had a lever that road on the wheel.
May 28, 2018
Hydraulic brakes work on the principal that you cannot compress a liquid. This is the basis for all hydraulic systems, not just brakes. Hydraulic fluid is held in steel lines and/or rubber hoses and connect the master cylinder (connected the the brake foot pedal) with cylinders at each wheel. It's a closed, airtight system, since air is compressable and will prevent the brakes from working . When you push the pedal the piston inside the master cylinder moves, pushing on the fluid. Since the fluid can't be compressed, the motion of the piston is transferred via the fluid to the wheel cylinders. The moving fluid pushes the pistons in the wheel cylinders outward. The brake shoes or pads are mechanically connected to the wheel cylinder pistons so as they move outward, they push the braking components out where they are forced against the brake rotors or drums, stopping the vehicle. As far as who invented hydraulic brakes, I can't tell you that. I do know that the earliest hydraulic brakes began appearing on a few cars shortly after WWI, but they didn't come into common use, at least in the US, until the 1930's. Seems lots of people didn't trust hydraulic brakes.
May 28, 2018
all brakes or most all brakes hydraulic hydraulic brakes
May 28, 2018
I would say yes but there is no way for me to know for sure without seeing or checking it out first.
May 28, 2018

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