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what are the best and easiest beaches to get to in Barbados?

We're going to Barbados by cruise shipIf I catch a taxi, which beaches are nice and easy to get to?? Names and locations; and about how much is the taxi fare each way.


The best beach is Crane but that is too far for you since you are on the shipThe nearest beaches are Brandons or Brown BeachYou can see Brandons from the ship but the road does not have any shelter and there are no shops along this wayIt is best to just pay a taxi to get there as the sun is very hot to pull that stretchPer head in a van is $4 or $5 and a car is $4 per person if it has in four people I find that the beach there is a bit rocky though but it has a place to eat (Weisers) near as well as changing facilitiesMy preference is Brown Beach/Bay ShoreYou can walk through town and then make your way over the bridge or just walk all along the boardwalk to the bridgeAs you exit the bridge just continue on until you see the beach on the rightGo through there and just walk upAlternatively, the taxi is $4 per head as wellOn this stretch is Boatyard ($5 to enter and might get it back at the bar)They have chairs as well as Harbour LightsYou do not necessarily have to pay for a chairJust bring a towel from the ship and spread it on the sand and lay downThere is also changing facilities near and a shop opposite that you can buy a drinkYou can walk straight along the beach until you find a perfect spot.
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