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What causes lock jaw?

Tonight for the first time ever my jaw locked up on me to he point I couldn't move it for several minutes. I was eating, had food in my mouth and had to sit until I could swollow and then pry the remainder of the food out. The Pain was so intense that I blacked out for a second. This whole thing is scary. I'm a me to move my jaw a little bit now but not much. The pain is now radiating up into my temple and across my forehead. What do I do???? I've never ever had this happen!


it prolly does a self test to make sure it still works
Sorry about that, I'll be more careful next time.
Does your system have a carbon monoxide detector? If so you could have a very serious problem that requires emergency attention. In any case you have it examined by a pro to make sure something bad isn't happening and that your alarm will work when you need it to.
I grew up a JW have no idea why that would prevent you from going to a Dr. I wetthe bed until i was 14. This is what I usedthe BACH remedies. My Mo went to the BACK clinic explained what was going on they formulated something for me to take. I didn't think it would work but it did. But seriously, you may have something physical going on. Why not just find a clinic tke yourself. Your 18
This is a common problem. You need to replace the battery. At night the temperature drops and the voltage in the battery drops due to the cold. In the daytime, the warmer temperature will help the battery go back to the proper voltage. If you have the owner's manual, it will explain this.

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