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What do I need to change my rear brakes (drums) to a disc brake system on my mazda protege 99?

I have read I just need the protege 5 rear disc brakes but I know p5 have 5 bolts and my car use just 4 So do I have to change the bearing housing to 4 bolts on the rear p5 disc brake? help me :S please


I'd agree with everything Thomas says except about rear discs being a marketing tactic. There are vehicles that benefit greatly from having rear disc brakes. Yours however is not one. A vehicle as light as yours won't see any significant increase in stopping power from adding disc to the rear. If anything, you'd be more prone to losing the rolling friction in the rear needed in being able to stop effectively. If you were to go through with this, it wouldn't just be a matter of changing out the rear drums for disc. You also have to change the master cylinder, proportioning valve, and antilock brake module/manifold if it has one. This would be due to the amount of volume of fluid needed to operate the larger pistons in disc brake calipers over what's needed for the smaller pistons in drum brake cylinders. Then you also have to change your parking brake arrangement. The way a parking brake on drums operates is completely different from a disc brake on the rear. None of this is impossible regardless of if there is even a rear disc version of our car that you can scavenge from. Even if you have to have everything fabricated from scratch, it's all doable. But realistically it's a lot more work and cost than benefit.
May 28, 2018
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