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What do you like to do when you're bored?

It's summer and I have nothing to do right now.


1All member in group VIII only That would be your noble gases located in group 18 and they all have 8 valence electrons, except He 2all members within any groupGroup 1: alkali metals, each having 1 valence electron Group 2: alkaline earth metals, each having 2 valence electrons Group 3: have 3 valence electrons etc3all members within any period Period 1 only has H and He so it's only one and two valence electrons Periods 2 and 3 has all members of the 8 groups so it has one to eight valence electrons Period 4 and onward are impossible to tell because of the transition metals 4all the nonmetals the only group the has only nonmetals is group 17 now I just hope I answered these right.

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