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what happens if I dont fix the axle?

was told by mechanic my front axle is bad.what will happen if i don‘t fix it?will the wheels fall off?


No, but it will eventually break (actually, the CV joint comes apart) and the car won't go anywhere. Funny how cars tend to break down when you want to go somewhere. From the time you first hear the crunching sound when you turn sharply to the point of failure is a few months, sometimes a year. It is a common failure and costs about $200 on most cars (you don't mention make, model, and year, but not many run into the $500 range). The estimator below will help you estimate what the cost of repair will be. The price range on the parts is mostly related to how long the replacement axle can be expected to last, with cheap ones lasting about 5 years and expensive ones lasting about 10 years.
May 28, 2018
No. Suspension components hold the wheel on. What would happen if it breaks is that you could loose driving power. The axle connects to the transmission and without that connection you will be going nowhere fast. Ps. Most vehicles it should run about $200 installed for a new axle.
May 28, 2018
Take your vehicle someplace else and get the pastime accomplished.$355 is a rip off for a job which will take no better than an hour to do.All that has got here approximately is the versatile rubber boot around your CV joint has wiped out and desires to get replaced because it rather is now leaking the grease that protects and lubricates it.If its by no skill been replaced till finally it reached 121,000 miles then it has accomplished nicely. warningdo no longer placed off having this pastime accomplished because it extremely is going to value you extra while the cv joint finally supplies up.
May 28, 2018

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