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what is another name for a rear axle on a 2006 suzuki forenza?

i recently asked how to change one where i received good info for but now im looking for the part and i am unable to find the part. i have tried autozone and midas. i have a bent rear axle and need a new part. can any one help with this?


The forenza doesnt have a rear axle as the term usually refers to. The forenza has independent suspension in the rear. this means there is a swing arm and axle bearing on each wheel Depending on how much damage you did when you BENT it, you will need to replace the spindle/hub for sure, and possible the control arms on whatever side was bent if the control arms are actually bent. When you are done, you will need a rear wheel alignment. Autozone will probably not carry control arms for this car, since they don't even stock the air filter for this car. You will have to get them from a dealership or a scrap yard if you are lucky enough to find one. You will save a LOT of money if you can find one in a scrap yard.
May 28, 2018
Hi It is called an independent dual-link rear suspension by Suzuki
May 28, 2018

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