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What is meant by Engine Brake Use Prohibited?

This is a message on a sign along areas of the interstate. I am guessing that if you need to stop your car you would have to use your brakes.


An engine brake is also referred as Jake Brakes. They are used on most Large Trucks. The exhaust valves are used to slow the RPM of the engine along with the mechanical braking system. The reason that signs are posted are because the Jake Brakes are loud. Usually these signs are posted in heavy residential areas.
May 28, 2018
And engine brake or jake brake is used when you close a baffle on the air intake of the engine. This slows the vehicle without wear on the brakes, but results in a loud, low pitched roar. Because of the noise it makes, many municipalities have starting outlawing use of jake brakes
May 28, 2018
that sign is for trucks only . a transport truck as well it has different brake system all togehter but the engine brake is something that is not really a brake at all . it is a system used in the truck to retard the engine. it shuts off the air to cyclinders and this make the engine slow down. this makes a huge noise and thats way the sign is there. cars dont have this system. the truck has brakes that are supplied by air but that has nothing to do with the engine brake or jake brake as it is called by truck drivers.
May 28, 2018

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