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what is the implicit meaning of &lightning rod& in the sentence?

But with many Europeans saying the EU has expanded too far, too fast, the trial of Tymoshenko is now a lightning rod for opponents of further eastward expansion.


I'm not sure but I think they need to be recharged or refilled.
In Virginia, an excellent as much as $2500 and available penitentiary time. i don't understand what state you're in, yet I easily have researched countless states, and characteristic got here upon that it relatively is illegitimate in each state to create a faux hearth alarm. effects selection from $50 to $5000. The articles i became interpreting instruct that it is not a comedian tale in any respect. human beings can get injured attempting to flee from an emergency that doesn't exist. Taxpayers might desire to pay for reaction to a hearth that may not there. or perhaps worse, because of the fact the hearth branch responds to your fake alarm, yet another genuine emergency occurs on the different fringe of city. because of the fact the hearth branch is responding to your bogus alarm, their factors are stretched and that they won't attain a real emergency. think there's a hearth at your mothers abode on a similar time the hearth branch is at your faux alarm. think of approximately what could take placemakes the potential effective look stupid to rigidity approximately. discover some wrong thank you to vent your frustration. wish this helps.

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