What materials heat up quickly?

I'm doing a project where you get a shoebox and put it under sunlight or a heat lamp. What materials can I put in the box to make it heat up faster? Mainly materials I can find at home and don't have to go out and get. Also will keeping the lid on the box help it heat up faster?


My brother-in-law is a plumber, and he replaced all the galvanized lines in our house with copper pipes. According to him, galvanized pipes are the worst possible thing you can use for water lines. They sweat, they drip, they clog easily, they leak, and they often burst at the pipe joints. As for CPVC, he says you REALLY need to know what you're doing if you're going to go that route, so I strongly advise you against doing that yourself. Also, one word of warning: CPVC pipes have a much lower melting point than copper, so think twice about using CPVC near any significant heat source.
Pipe Fitting Take Offs

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