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What rugs do i need for my new horse?

Im buying a horse who doesn't come with anything, i know what else i need but i wondered what rugs i need to last me the year i have a heavyweight full neck turnout that will fit her but didn't know about medium weights or stable or fleeces? shes quite a fine Arab cross mare any help would be brill! Thanks!


Hi The type of rugs you buy depends on your climate, whether she is clipped and whether she will live in or out. A full neck turnout rug is ideal particularly if she's clipped. I usually start to rug up on 1st October. A light fleece if stabled is ideal to begin with. As it gets colder a slightly heavier quilted rug is ideal. A few lighter layers are often better than one heavy rug, that way you can remove or add layers. For outdoors you will need to make sure you always have replacements to ensure she always has a dry turnout rug. I like the weatherbeeta range. To prevent any rubbing on her chest, always put a vest on under her rugs. A tip... arabs don't particularly get a heavy winter coat, but if she's not to be clipped but worked in winter, rug her up well to keep her warm (not too warm). The extra layers will prevent too much winter hair growth. My irish draft did not like being clipped and his rugs kept his winter growth to a minimum so he was still able to work comfortably in winter without undue sweating. I hope this helps you. Avis Riding Instructor and Trainer.
Aug 23, 2017
I would get a cotton sheet for those days that you and I need a jacket, turnout sheet for those days its a bit cooler and maybe damp- don't want to kill your cotton sheet so its worth having a seperate turnout sheet. Then I would get a medium turnout. I personally don't bother with stable blankets as at the end of the day who really wants to be switching a million blankets a day! For the really cold day/nights it maybe necessary to lay up... its really nice that you have a heavy with a neck... theres nothing worse then having a clipped or fine coated horse that has to have their neck exposed.
Aug 23, 2017
Buy a slippery rug that it won't hurt your butt and the horse back.
Aug 23, 2017
i also would fo her on a rug no problrm man i cant think anymore im so obsessed help me
Aug 23, 2017

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