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Which TJ models come with the heavy duty axles?

I know the Rubicon does, but do any of the other TJ models?


Its a D30 front, D35 is rear only, and the D30 is a much better axle, not nearly as in need of an upgrade as a D35. The D44 was an option for the rear on the TJ Sports and Saharas and several of the special edition models. The Rocky Mountain edition (2003-2005), the 65th Anniversary edition (2006) and the Golden Eagle (2006) all have D44's in the rear and D30's in front. They have 3.73 gear ratio's as opposed to the Rubi's 4.11. I think they all also have drum brakes in the rear as well, but not sure, I know my RME does.
May 28, 2018
Some Sahara models came with D44 rear axils but the Rubicon is the only one with Lockers. Other Jeep Wranglers came with the option for the D44. Mostly if it has some sort of towing pkg. Even the ones that had the D44 option, it is only the rear. I believe that they would have the D35 front.
May 28, 2018

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