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white tail spider invasion, my house has been taken over?

hi, lately i have noticed that i am killing white tails at least 1-3 times a dayalways on the tiles or ceiling, its becoming a worryi had one walk over my hand while on the pc and had them come out of the couch when on itthe house is kind of clean, no other spiders in the house, we bomb the attic and the house too, we surface spray all entries which kills everything elsebut still White tail centralwe do get allot of crickets inside and they come from the roof for some odd reason and have failed to destroy them but apart from the odd black house spider and red back and huntsman out side no other spiders are insideso my question is does anyone know how to proof a new typical tin roofed brick veneer home? just for the record i just killed 2 whitetails in the last 15mins, hence the questionim too itch to go to bed now lol


Tempo is probably the safest bug killer on the marketIt can be purchased at a farm store or grain elevatorJust mix it up in a pump up weed sprayerSpray around the perimeter and all cornersWorks great for getting rid of those japanese lady beetles tooKills all kind of bugs and is what is most commonly used to kill roaches in restaurantsJust keep it away from surfaces used to prepare foods.

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