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Why does my smoke detector keeps chirping?

I put in a new battery and reset it as well its still chirping.


Depends on what the director and choreographer is going to do with the show. Jazz dancing is traditionally what was done with Chicago and hip hop is different - it's own separate category. But if they're going to modernize the show they may be including hip hop. If your resume said you do hip hop dancing and that's what caught the director's attention in the first place then yeah, do some pop locking in after you nail the choreography.
Yes! I went to Illinois State University and one of the dorms I lived in had 2 fire drills a semester and one of them was always at night. The second dorm never did have a fire drill and I'm not sure why. The alarms were loud and the sound was high pitched and terrible it made my ears hurt for hours. In my experience the smoke alarms were always situated in the hallway and had not only that high pitch screeching sound, but an ultra bright light that would half blind you. I was glad for the drills because one night we really did have a fire in the basement and had to evacuate. I hope this helps!

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